Odontoclinic DSC creates in 2020 the “Dental Tourism” program, initiated by the interest of several patients from abroad, mainly from countries such as “United States”, “Spain”, “Canada”, “India”, “England” and “Russia “

As the dental clinic is located in a privileged area, close to the most exclusive areas of Mexico City, tourist area, main avenues, hotels, visual attractions, cultural activities and the airport, it creates the greatest facility for all tourist patients, the power Staying in a 5-star hotel, being able to carry out nearby activities and getting to know the capital of Mexico at its best, while treating any dental problem and treatment with competent specialists and facilities at any level of world expectation.

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Our dental care may include an official driver designated by odontoclinic, to be able to transfer our patients from the airport to their hotel, from their hotel to the dental clinic when they are appointments, and as extra alternatives, to be able to provide support and transfers in cultural activities. and tourist that Mexico City offers in every season of the year.

Nuestros conductores son biligües, ellos te ayudaran durante tu estancia y viaje en México.

We want you to enjoy your trip in Mexico, you smile and have a nice holidays.

After visiting our clinic. You can request the services of our tourist guides. They will show you the most iconic places in Mexico City.

The Odontoclinic DSC Dental Tourism program was designed for all patients from abroad to receive the best dental care during their stay in the capital, and while we work to build their new smile, our qualified team can provide transportation from the airport to your hotel, from your hotel to the clinic during your appointments, from the clinic to your hotel or from the clinic to visit places in the city or take tours of the best shows of the season not to be missed when visiting Mexico.

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